About ECU d.o.o.

Company ECU d.o.o. was founded in 1992. We are engaged in the production of metallic elements with which we have almost 20 years experience. Metal components are manufactured to order.

Services we provide:
  • CNC turning, Universal turning,
  • CNC milling,
  • Internal and external grinding
  • Internal, external, straight and oblique cutting,
  • manufacture of reduction units.

Manufacture of
reduction units is our specialty. Our products can be found nearly everywhere in Europe, most of them are manufactured for the German market.

Short name PRS:ECU d.o.o.
Address:Pesnica pri Mariboru 32B
Post:2211 Pesnica Pri Mariboru
Tax number:88000613
Year of foundation:1992

We also cooperate with:

You can find us along the highway
leading from Austria to Maribor. We are
located near the OMV gas station.


Phone : +386 2 / 654 35 16 (production)
Phone : +386 2 / 654 35 17 (administration)
Mobile : +386 41 / 719 688
E-mail : info@ecu.si

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